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Where to Buy Philips Hue Flexible Lightstrip?

If you’re looking to add vibrant, customizable lighting to your home, the Philips Hue Flexible Lightstrip is an excellent choice. Known for its quality, flexibility, and ease of use, this smart light strip can transform any room with a spectrum of colors and smart control options. However, knowing where to purchase this product can be a bit daunting given the myriad of options available. This guide will help you navigate the best places to buy the Philips Hue Flexible Lightstrip, ensuring you get the best deals and genuine products.

Official Philips Hue Website

Direct from the Manufacturer

Buying directly from the official Philips Hue website ensures you get authentic products. The website often features exclusive deals and bundles that might not be available elsewhere. Additionally, purchasing from the manufacturer provides access to the latest products and updates, ensuring your lightstrip is the newest model available.

Warranty and Customer Support

When you buy directly from Philips Hue, you benefit from the company’s full warranty and dedicated customer support. This can be crucial if you encounter any issues with your lightstrip. Philips Hue offers robust customer service, which is typically more reliable and responsive than third-party sellers.

Online Retailers



Amazon is a popular destination for purchasing the Philips Hue Flexible Lightstrip due to its vast inventory and fast shipping options. The platform often has competitive pricing and various sellers, including Philips’ official Amazon store. Reading customer reviews can help you gauge product satisfaction and seller reliability.

Best Buy

Best Buy is another reliable online retailer that offers the Philips Hue Flexible Lightstrip. Their website frequently has deals, especially during holiday seasons. Additionally, Best Buy provides the option to pick up your purchase in-store, which can be convenient if you need the product quickly.


Walmart’s online platform is a solid choice for purchasing the Philips Hue Flexible Lightstrip. Known for its extensive selection and affordable prices, Walmart often features bundle deals that include additional Philips Hue products. The site also offers various shipping options, including free delivery for certain orders.

Physical Retail Stores

Home Depot

Home Depot is a trusted retailer for home improvement products, including the Philips Hue Flexible Lightstrip. Shopping in-store allows you to see the product before buying and consult with knowledgeable staff. Home Depot often has competitive pricing and occasional in-store promotions.


Lowe’s is another excellent place to buy the Philips Hue Flexible Lightstrip. Their stores are well-stocked with a variety of smart home products, and the staff is usually well-informed about the products they sell. Shopping at Lowe’s provides the added benefit of seeing the product in person and receiving immediate assistance if needed.

Best Buy

In addition to its online presence, Best Buy’s physical stores are convenient for purchasing the Philips Hue Flexible Lightstrip. The stores feature dedicated smart home sections where you can explore and compare different products. Best Buy staff can assist with any questions and help you find the best setup for your home.

Specialty Lighting Stores

Specialty Smart Home Retailers

Stores that focus specifically on smart home products are excellent places to buy the Philips Hue Flexible Lightstrip. These stores often have staff who are experts in smart home technology and can provide detailed advice on setup and integration with other devices. They might also offer installation services.

Independent Lighting Stores

Local, independent lighting stores can also be good places to find the Philips Hue Flexible Lightstrip. These stores often have unique selections and knowledgeable staff who can provide personalized recommendations. Supporting local businesses can also be a gratifying experience.

Membership Clubs


Costco members can sometimes find the Philips Hue Flexible Lightstrip in-store or online. Costco is known for its bulk purchasing options and member-exclusive deals. Buying from Costco can often save you money, especially if you’re looking to buy multiple lightstrips or additional Philips Hue products.

Sam’s Club

Similar to Costco, Sam’s Club offers bulk purchasing options and member-only prices. The Philips Hue Flexible Lightstrip is occasionally available, and you might find bundle deals that include other Philips Hue products. Sam’s Club’s return policy is also quite accommodating, which can be a plus.

Online Marketplaces


eBay can be a good place to find deals on the Philips Hue Flexible Lightstrip, especially if you’re looking for second-hand or refurbished options. However, it’s essential to buy from reputable sellers to ensure the product’s authenticity. Reading reviews and checking seller ratings can help ensure a positive experience.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace offers a local, often more affordable option for purchasing the Philips Hue Flexible Lightstrip. You can find both new and used lightstrips, often at lower prices than traditional retailers. Just ensure to verify the product’s condition and authenticity before completing the purchase.


In conclusion, there are many reliable places to purchase the Philips Hue Flexible Lightstrip, each with its own benefits. Whether you prefer shopping online, visiting physical stores, or exploring specialty lighting shops, there’s a perfect option for everyone. Remember to consider factors like warranty, customer support, and potential deals to make the most informed decision. Happy shopping!

Summary Table

RetailerOnlineIn-StoreKey Benefits
Philips Hue WebsiteYesNoAuthentic products, exclusive deals, full warranty
AmazonYesNoCompetitive pricing, fast shipping, customer reviews
Best BuyYesYesDeals, knowledgeable staff, in-store pickup
WalmartYesYesAffordable prices, bundle deals, various shipping options
Home DepotYesYesCompetitive pricing, knowledgeable staff
Lowe’sYesYesWell-stocked, in-person assistance
CostcoYesYesBulk purchase savings, member-exclusive deals
Sam’s ClubYesYesBulk purchase savings, accommodating return policy
eBayYesNoDeals on second-hand/refurbished items, seller reviews
Facebook MarketplaceYesNoAffordable local options, variety of conditions

By considering these various options, you can find the best place to buy your Philips Hue Flexible Lightstrip and start enjoying the benefits of smart, customizable lighting in your home.

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